The Importance of Carpet Cleaning

25 November 2020
The Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is, perhaps, the most important type of surface cleaning that businesses fail to do correctly or frequently enough. Carpeted floors absorb dirt and germs like a sponge, and they provide ample breeding ground for mites, fleas, bedbugs, and other nuisances. While these are all obviously hazards to the health of clients, customers, and employees, they also significantly reduce the lifespan of carpet, especially in high-traffic areas. Regular deep cleaning can solve these problems, but business owners and managers should have some deeper understanding about why it’s especially essential now.

The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

We’ve already touched on some of the benefits of regular carpet cleaning, and many of you will likely have realized that they revolve around health, safety, and cost reduction—three vital concerns for businesses operating under COVID-related restrictions/operating procedures. Cloth surfaces, especially ones as densely woven as carpet, provide significantly more surface area for small organisms like germs and mites to hide; stomping or otherwise hitting the carpet (by dropping something heavy on it, perhaps) can disperse those organisms into the air, potentially spreading illness or triggering allergic reactions. Businesses like hotels and furniture retails also need to be wary of carpet’s ability to harbor nuisances like fleas and bedbugs, both of which can thrive in relatively small areas


Removing these hazards along with the regular dirt and debris that builds up not only promotes a healthier environment, it prolongs the life of carpets. Fine layers of dirt deposited in the fibers act like sandpaper on carpet seeing foot traffic, wearing the fabric and matting down much quicker than intended. Insects—even small ones—are destructive forces in their own rights. All of these factors can be mitigated with regular cleanings. Not doing so is, in some ways, like leaving money on the proverbial table.

The Mechanics of Carpet Cleaning

By now, some of you are likely to be sold on—or at least interested in—the idea that your commercial carpets need some more regular attention. But what does that mean? Once a year? Biannually? Every quarter? Unfortunately, there are no static answers to that question. The amount of traffic you see and types of dirt your customers or employees tend to carry on their shoes will be a major factor. Environment and climate are also important considerations; regionally specific types of soil like sand or red clay will have much more pronounced effects on carpets than loam or volcanic soil. Likewise, salt and de-icing agents used in areas with significant winter snowfall can be harsh on carpet, requiring deeper or more frequent cleaning to remove. A reputable carpet cleaning service should be able to provide an answer geared toward your specific business.

Now is an excellent time for commercial carpet cleaners to be positioning themselves as more than a luxury or once-per-year expense. Gergely’s Maintenance King can help. We’re a premier partner to all professional cleaners, specialists and generalists alike.

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